So, um, once upon a time, I was a good kid. Then I discovered fanfiction. And then.... shit happened. You know the story.



If you don’t think this is the best opening scene in any film, then you need to re-evaluate your life.

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what are cats even trying to do

I laughed at this for far too long.

These are cats who have either forgotten how to cat, or who are so good at cat they have ascended to another plane.

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the stupidest thing in the entire harry potter series was when they go down to the slytherin dormitory and it’s all dark and slimy and freezing and shit. as if lucius malfoy would let his son live in squalor like that. the house with the highest concentration of spoiled purebloods are happy to live under the goddamn lake? no.

wow this is the #1 best harry potter criticism i have ever read


stardust is a cinematic masterpiece and anyone who says otherwise is very very wrong

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